Rihanna “Wild Thoughts” Inspired Makeup

Apart from, “Wild Thoughts” being the anthem of summer ’17, another undeniable fact is that Rihanna’s makeup was incredibly fierce and absolutely jaw-dropping. The focal point of the video was her teal eyeshadow that was paired with a crimson red, matte lip done by her ultra talented makeup artist, Mylah Morales. After seeing this music… Continue reading Rihanna “Wild Thoughts” Inspired Makeup

MAC Cosmetics Fruity Juicy Collection

Apart from the many reasons why I love MAC Cosmetics and their products, one of the leading reasons following this obsession is their limited edition collections. For those of you who are servants to limited edition items and outstanding packaging, this Fruity Juicy collection is not one to over look. The collection itself is inspirited by the… Continue reading MAC Cosmetics Fruity Juicy Collection