Sweat Proofing Your Makeup: How to Beat the Heat! 

Summer is here, and with warmer days approaching, the struggle of keeping your makeup on throughout the day can become a real pain. For some, wearing makeup when laying by the pool isn’t a step they usually take which is great! But for many of us, like myself, we like to take the extra step to cover any imperfections or blemishes in order to achieve a “no-makeup, makeup look”, even if it’s just to go to the beach. I’m going to share with you guys a few tips and tricks to keep your makeup long lasting throughout the day and even to make it waterproof, so swimming in the pool or the beach won’t wash away any of your masterpiece! Whether it’s due to excessive heat and humidity or even swimming, these tips and tricks will save you!

First things first, the most important step to take, even for those who don’t wear makeup, is to apply sunscreen!! I cannot stress this enough. Sunscreen is so important as it protects your skin from UV rays which are so damaging to our skin. Applying sunscreen will ensure protection to prevent any sunburns, freckling, early skin-aging, wrinkles and even skin cancer. When applying my sunscreen, I tend to use a different product for my face than I would on my body. I do this to ensure I won’t break out or react to any ingredients in the sunscreen as a facial sunscreen has ingredients intended for the face and aren’t as heavy as ones for the body. The product I like to use is the, “Neutrogena Ultra Sheer” face sunscreen. I love this product to use under my makeup, after I apply moisturizer because it has such a light weight feel to the skin and gives a matte finish. This sunscreen can be purchased at Shoppers Drugmart for $12.49 CAN, and can also be purchased at Ulta for those of you outside Canada.  For foundation, on an everyday basis I tend to wear a full coverage, matte finish; however, for summer time, although I still like a decent coverage, I also keep in mind that I want to allow my skin to breathe and a sheer foundation will ensure that. There are many foundations on the market that are waterproof and sweat proof which are intended for working out or being in the water. I’m going to share with you the two foundations I recommend for these environments.

1. Mac: Face and Body Foundation

Mac’s Face and Body foundation is one of my all time favourites. Unlike many foundations, this is water based which means it will give you a sheer coverage which can be built up. Since this is water based, you must shake the foundation prior to every use since the pigment separates with the water when settled. Keeping this foundation in the fridge will actually increase its shelf life since it has a shorter shelf life than most due to it’s water base. Although this foundation does not claim to be waterproof, I find that since it is water based, the product actually absorbs into your skin creating a beautiful, dewy finish that lasts throughout humid conditions and even in water. This foundation looks like your skin but better! I would recommend this foundation for any skin type; however, if you have severe acne or acne scars and you’re looking to build this to a full coverage, I don’t find that it would meet your needs as far as coverage goes. This foundation is beautiful mixed with an illuminator as it really accentuates the dewiness and gives your skin a healthy, hydrated appearance. I don’t find that this needs to be set with any powder when being outside since the natural oils you produce go hand-and-hand with the consistency of the foundation. When applying this foundation I don’t like to use to a stippling/buffing brush since the product quickly absorbs into the brush and wastes the foundation. I prefer using my beauty blender or even a flat foundation brush to apply and then buffing it out afterwards. You can also use your hands to apply this into the skin. I purchase this foundation from the Mac store for $35.00 CAN. Each bottle contains 120mL which is 4 FL OZ, whereas an average foundation contains only 1 FL OZ. With this foundation you get a lot of product for a great price!

2. Mac: Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation

This pro longwear foundation is Mac’s newest foundation. This has an oil free liquid formula with medium to full coverage and a satin finish. This is a great foundation for all skin types since it is oil free and has a very hydrating texture. Although the foundation itself is very light weight, it gives such a flawless, airbrush finish as it blurs pores without looking cakey or heavy. With this foundation I find that it does not need to be set with a powder to avoid getting oily  since it is designed to be waterproof. A little bit of this foundation goes a long way so layering isn’t always necessary, depending on your desired coverage. With one layer I find this to be medium coverage. The only down side to this foundation I find is the drying time, which isn’t much of an issue. Since it is waterproof, this foundation takes around five minutes to completely dry on the skin, so if you do plan on layering it, you must wait until it is dry or else you can easily go overboard with the amount of product used. I purchased this foundation at the Mac store for $32.00 CAN. This may seem pricey since you are only getting 0.84-oz; however, a little bit of this product goes a long way as far as coverage, so you won’t need as much as your average foundation. As far as waterproof goes, this foundation 100% is! It lasts not only throughout humid conditions but also in water (I tested this in the shower and it did not budge!).

  After foundation, I apply my under eye concealer. As far as waterproof concealers go, I have yet to find one I love that is labeled “waterproof”; however, the concealer I use which I find to last hours without budging or creasing is the Mac Pro Longwear Concealer. This is one of my all time favourite concealers for so many reasons. This concealer is full coverage yet it feels so light weight on the skin without looking heavy. It has a very thin consistency and dries quickly making it easily layerable. Believe me when I say a little bit of this goes a long way! This concealer has lasted me so long since I find you only need one pump for both under eyes. The concealer does an amazing job both concealing and brightening. Since this is from Mac’s pro longwear line, this concealer is definetly long wearing. I am very oily as I have mentioned before, and this is one of the only concealers that holds up from morning to night without creasing or fading. This is why I recommend this concealer for hot, humid and any wet environments. I also purchased this concealer at the Mac store for $23.00 CAN.  I recommend this concealer for any skin type, as the moisture keeps the under eye hydrated all day without budging.

After my base is complete, I then like to bronze up the face. For warmer days I tend to use cream products to give a natural warmth to the skin. When using powders, they tend to give a more powerdy appearance whereas creams really absorb into the skin and give a natural bronzed look. The bronzer I use is the Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Cream Bronzer, in the shade “Warm Tan”. When this product is put on top of the foundation, it blends beautifully together, giving the appearance of a sun kissed face. If you are very oily, I would recommend setting this with a powder; however, those who are more on the normal to dry side can get away with leaving the bronzer as is. I purchased this product at my local Target for $10.99 CAN. Overall, I find that this bronzer melts into the skin seamlessly and gives an amazing colour payoff.

I like to skip blush when laying out by the pool since the sun naturally flushes my cheeks, but if you prefer to wear blush I would suggest applying a cream or liquid! So the next step would be to apply a highlighter. Applying a highlighter to the high points of your face (tops of cheek bones, centre of the nose, cupid’s bow) gives the illusion of higher and more prominent features. Just like my bronzer, for my highlight, I like to use a cream opposed to a powder to ensure it melts into the foundation for a natural glow. There are so many cream highlights on the market, so any one would work! I’m going to share with you one of my favourites, but feel free to purchase whatever one works best for you! The cream highlight I love to use is limited edition from the Elizabeth Arden Summer Escape Color Collection, which is a cheek highlighter in the shade “First Mate”. This highlighter comes in a stick form that glides beautifully on the skin. I find it to be so creamy and soft so I like to dab it directly on the area and blend it out with my fingers. I tend to use my fingers with this since the natural heat from my hands will warm up the product and help it melt into the skin. The highlight illuminates the skin giving it such a dewy radiance. I love this shade particularity because it’s different than your average champagne gold or white silver higlight. This higlight is a beautiful iradecent pink shade which naturally brightens your complexion. This limited edition product retailed for $28.50 CAN at the Elizabeth Arden outlet at the Hudson’s Bay. This is still able to be purchased on some websites that I will link below!


For finishing touches, for those of you who like bold lashes, adding a waterproof mascara is always an optional step! I personally skip this step since I have naturally dark lashes; however, when I do plan on wearing mascara, my absolute holy grail mascara is L’oreal Telescopic Mascara in the shade “Carbon Black”. The formula of this mascara is amazing as it lengthens and thickens the lashes without making them clumpy or fibre looking. I purchased this mascara from my local Walmart for $7.59 CAN. This mascara comes in a regular formula as well as a waterproof and I recommend both!  3600522098201_FP

Thank you so much for reading all about my favourite products for sweat and waterproofing your makeup! I hope this helped you guys. If anyone has any tips or products they want to share please share them in the comments below! I hope everyone’s summers are going great so far!

Talk to you soon! Xx


3 thoughts on “Sweat Proofing Your Makeup: How to Beat the Heat! 

  1. since you suggested Loreal INFALLIBLE I cannot believe the difference.. I never would of thought to apply sunscreen under my foundation.Your tips are very much appreciated thanks Sam!


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