The Perfect Summer Lips: Top 10 Lipsticks for Summer 

Summer is the best time to become a lipstick junkie. There are so many lip products on the market from a matte finish to jumbo lip pencils. Lately I have been wearing a diverse amount of nudes, pinks, reds, oranges and even purples! I have been loving so many different lip products this summer, so if you’re interested in knowing my top 10 then please keep reading!

**P.S don’t forget to check the bottom of the post for swatches of each lipstick!

Milani Lipstick- “Sweet Nectar”

Milani is a drugstore cosmetic brand which has impressed me very much this past year. Milani is best known for their blushes and eye shadows and their lipsticks are becoming quite the hype. The colour “Sweet Nectar” sounds exactly how it looks. It is a bright orange shade with a red undertone. I love this colour for summer because it really adds some warmth to the face and can make any look more playful and fun. This lipstick has a shiny finish which I love for summer since the glossiness makes your lips pop. I purchased this lipstick at Zerhs for $7.99 CAN. For those of you outside Canada, Milani cosmetics can be purchased at CVS and Wallgreens.

Mac Lipstick- “Vegas Volt”

This is one of my all time favourite Mac lipsticks! I purchased this lipstick a year ago and it has become my favourite shade for spring and summer time. This lipstick is a bright coral with an orange/pink undertone. Although it is bright, it is such a wearable colour and it isn’t overwhelming. This shade would look beautiful on any skin tone, especially those with a bit of a tan. I purchased this lipstick at my local Mac store for $19.00 CAN.

Mac Lipstick- “Viva Glam Nicki 2” 

This product is one of Mac’s limited edition Viva Glam lipsticks from Nicki Minaj’s collection. I love this shade for spring/summertime because it is a pastel which has become such a trend this year. This lipstick is a lilac purple with a slight pink undertone. This is a great shade to be paired with light eye makeup which gives such a pretty innocent look. This colour is definitely one of Nicki Minaj’s staple lip colours which makes me love it even more. It is such a versatile colour so anyone can wear this. I purchased this at Mac when it was being featured for $19.00 CAN. Although this is limited edition, it can still be purchased online on some websites which I will link below!

  Milani Lipstick- “Nude Creme”

This Milani lipstick is the perfect everyday colour. It has a very sheer consistency so it goes very nourishing on the lips. It is a very wearable colour since it is a pinky nude, which looks good on everyone! I love pinky nudes especially for the summer since they are so natural looking, like your own lips but better! I purchased this lipstick at Zehrs for $7.99C AN.

L’oreal Colour Caresse Lipstick- “170 Cotton Pink”

L’oreal’s Colour Caresse collection carries some of my favourite drugstore lipsticks. The lipstick formula is so creamy on the lips it feels like a balm. The lipstick has a very sheer finish so you have to layer it if you want it very opaque, otherwise it has a pretty glossy look. I love this shade especially for summer because it gives a healthy pink glow to your lips. I purchased this lipstick at Shoppers Drugmart for $8.99 CAN.

Sephora Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Colour- “Nude Pink”

Sephora carries a collection of matte long wear lip colours that are amazing. They come in packaging like a lip gloss and have the consistency of a lip gloss as well. Once the product is applied to the lips it is very opaque and liquid; however, once it dries it works as a “liquid lipstick” where it becomes matte and has a very long wear. These come in a whole range of colours and can be purchased at Sephora for $20.00 CAN. The shade “Nude Pink” is my favourite for summer because it is very wearable and can easily be mixed with other colours to customize the perfect shade. This shade is exactly what the name says- a nude pink. I love this shade and think it would look beautiful on everyone.

 Mac Lipstick- “Ruby Woo”

Mac’s “Ruby Woo” is one of the most well-known red lipsticks. If you are looking for the perfect shade of red, this is it! It has a matte finish so it lasts very long on the lips, even with drinking. I love this for the summertime because it can really make any makeup look more dramatic and glamorous. This looks great on any skin tone, I would recommend it to any one looking for a long wearing red lipstick. As well as the other Mac lipsticks, I purchased this at the Mac store for $19.00 CAN.

 Laqa & Co. Lip Lube- “Grape Scotch”

This lip lube came in my birchbox for the month of May and I am in love! I’m usually not a fan of jumbo lip pencils as they tend to be too sheer; however, this Laqa & Co one is so pigmented and lasts so long on the lips. The shade is to die for. Purple is a very risky colour as it can sometimes be overwhelming depending on the tone of purple, but this is a perfect bright purple. This is a very shiny, feushia shade that makes all of your features pop- especially if you have blue or green eyes! This is a great summertime shade since it is very flirty and playful. Since I did receive this in my birchbox and did not purchase it individually, I will link the website to where you can purchase this!


 NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil- “Cruella”

NARS matte lip pencils are great quality and very long wearing. Like any lip product, the colour wears down throughout the day; however, with this, I find that it wears evenly without giving a splotchy look which is great for a colour that is so dramatic. Since this product is matte, you do need to exfoliate and condition your lips to ensure it goes on smooth and doesn’t cling to dry spots. I love this lip pencil for a quick application since it doesn’t need a lip liner. It is very opaque once applied so you don’t need to apply layer after layer. This pencil can sometimes be drying since it is matte but it appears almost to a satin finish. This is a great colour for summer since it is a rich, deep red that really amps up any look you wear. I picked this lip pencil up at Sephora for $31.00 CAN.  “Cruella” is such a beautiful shade and since it is long-lasting, you can definitely wear this at a pool/day party and have it last into the night when going out!


Sigma Lip Vex- “Get Ready”

These lip glosses are a part of Sigma’s Steady Glow Collection. This gloss is one of my favourites because it is very pigmented and creamy. Sigma’s Lip Vex formula differs from any ordinary lip gloss since they don’t feel sticky on the lips, yet there is enough tackiness for them to adhere to the lips to increase the longevity of the lip gloss. There is a slight vanilla scent to the lip gloss which I love. I purchased this lipgloss from the Sigma website for $10.00 CAN which is very reasonable for the quality! The shade “Get Ready” is one of my favourites since it is a very unique colour. It is a slight peachy nude shade with gold flex of shimmer all throughout it. This is such a beautiful shade worn over any lip shade and even alone.

Thank you for reading my top 10 recommended lip shades for the summer. Please feel free to share your reviews on these products or your favourite lip products for the summer. Here are swatches of each lipstick in order!

Talk to you soon! Xx



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