Product Showdown: Kat Von D Shade Light Contour Palette vs. Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette

Hello loves! Happy Friday!! Today I’m going to be reviewing both the Kat Von D Shade Light Contour Palette and the Too Faced Cocoa Contour Chiseled to Perfection. It is no secret that contouring and highlighting is one of the most popular techniques in the makeup community. Having the ability to non-surgically transform your face is one of the many things I love about the power of makeup. Highlighting and contouring can be very intimidating and overwhelming, which is why I love contour palettes since they have every shade of powder you need to achieve a chiseled, perfected look. Although there are many contour palettes available (Anastasia Beverly Hills, Lorac, Laura Mercier, NYX..etc), I thought I would review these kits since they are fairly new and are both around the same price range. So if you are interested in hearing more about these contour kits, keep reading below!

IMG_4390  IMG_43910

The Kat Von D Shade Light Contour Palette has been a very popular item at Sephora and Ulta. I purchased this palette at my local Sephora which retails for $55.00 CAD. After finally getting my hands on this palette, I have a great understanding as to why this product was sold out- it is AMAZING. I purchased this palette about two weeks ago and I have used it non-stop. This palette contains 6 powders in total (3 highlighting and 3 bronzing shades). Each powder in this palette is matte which is very important for contouring. When contouring, you are trying to mimic a shadow, so using something matte and cool toned is the best way to achieve the most realistic, natural looking bone structure and this palette contains every shade you need. The powders themselves  are very blend-able and have a velvety consistency which makes the blending process so much easier. The colour pay-off is incredible as they are extremely pigmented, so a little bit of product goes a long way. The lasting power of these powders are amazing. I never find myself having to touch up with any bronzer or highlight- they last from the time I apply them to the time I wash off my makeup. These powders feel so creamy and satiny on the skin which helps the products to blend into one another and give a flawless finish. I’m going to begin discussing each shade and how they differ from one another: IMG_4411

“Levitation” is a neutral beige powder with a pink undertone. This colour is great to set your under eye highlight if you are looking to brighten up the area without an intense highlight.

  “Lyric” is my favourite highlight shade of all three. This is a neutral, beige, yellow coloured powder that acts as a great shade for highlighting. When highlighting, using a yellow, banana coloured shade to set your under eye concealer is key to achieving a lifted and brightened look. The colour yellow acts as a brightening technique in emphasizing your features, so bringing the high points of your face forward will accentuate your contour even more and this powder is the best way to do so.

“Lucid” is a soft beige with a peach undertone. This highlight shade is perfect for those of you with a deeper skin tone looking to highlight the face as well. Using a yellow toned powder on deep skin tones can tend to look ashy sometimes and create a powdery looking cast on the face. This shade will also work for those of you who struggle with dark under eye circles. Orange/peach shades work to counteract blue and brown tones under the eye to avoid them from peeking through the concealer. So if you suffer from dark under eyes, try a peach toned powder or orange concealer under your foundation!

“Subconscious” is a cool toned bronzer, perfect for contouring! This shade has the perfect amount of a grey undertone in it which acts as a shadow in the contouring process to naturally mimic perfect cheekbones and anything else you are looking to slim down or change (nose, forehead, jaw line, collarbones…etc).

“Shadowplay” is a warmer toned bronzer which is very universal for many skin tones. It has a great amount of warmth in it to really bronze and warm up the skin to give a natural sun kissed look to the face. I love this bronzer because you can use it to both contour and bronze- it is a neutral brown shade but it still has warmth to it.

“Sombre” is a deeper bronzing shade which works when contouring on deeper skin tones. It has a very neutral undertone- not too warm and not too cool. If you are lighter to medium skin toned, you could still get away with using this; however, you need to be very light handed since the powders are already so pigmented.

Kat Von D Shade Light Palette -With Flash- Unedited-
Kat Von D Shade Light Palette -With Flash- Unedited-

Overall, this palette is amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone with any skin type. The formula of the powders are super blend-able and feel so soft and velvety on the skin. These powders are so pigmented, a little bit of product goes a long way so this palette will last you longer than your average. I would rate this palette a 10/10 since the formula of the powders are great quality, they last long, and the pigmentation is amazing.

The Too Faced Cocoa Contour palette is also a newer product this year, also designed to help achieve a perfectly contoured face. I purchased this palette at Ulta for $40.00 U.S (for my fellow Canadians, this palette is $50.00 CAD at Sephora). This palette contains 4 powders in total (2 highlighting and 2 bronzing shades). Let me just say, the packaging for this palette is so adorable, which isn’t surprising since all of Too Faced’s packaging is so detailed and fun. This palette contains an angled contour brush as well which they called the “contour buki brsush” (so cute!!!!). Normally when palettes come with brushes, I throw them out or never find myself using them as they tend to be gimmicky; however, this brush is very good quality and really works well in giving you that perfected contour look in the hollows of your cheeks. Now for the powders themselves, the colour pay off is nice but I found that with the contour shades I had to dip my brush in a few times to get it’s true pigmentation, but once it is applied, the shades look very nice on the skin and they don’t appear muddy or patchy. I do have to say that the longevity of the powders aren’t as good as I hoped for. I would say that they last for about 5-6 hours opposed to my regular bronzers and highlighters lasting 8-9 hours. I am going to talk more in depth about each shade and how they differ: IMG_4427“Light Cocoa” is the first powder in the palette (top left) which is a matte vanilla highlight shade with a slight pink undertone. This shade is intended to set the under eye area and any other area of the face which you want to brighten and emphasize. Although I do prefer to use a yellow/banana shade to highlight my face, I like this powder since it has a cool undertone which compliments my skin tone well.

“Medium Cocoa” (top right) is a medium brown matte bronzer with a neutral undertone. This bronzer is on the cooler side; however, it does contain a bit of warmth. This shade works great for contouring since it is slightly cool, which ultimately gives the appearance of a natural shadow.

“Dark Cocoa” (bottom left) is a medium-deep brown matte bronzer with a very warm, red/orange undertone. This shade is intended for bronzing up the skin and adding warmth as a transition shade for your contour. If you are very fair, I would recommend that you use a tiny amount of this and gradually build up the colour as it may be too harsh since it is so warm, it could potentially look too orange. If you have more olive/golden undertones, this shade will be perfect for you. I like using this shade for bronzing my face as well as bringing it down my neck and chest, especially for the summer.

“Pop of Light” (bottom right) is a shimmery highlight with a peachy undertone and gold flecks of sparkle. This highlighter is intended to be placed on the high points of your face to mimic prominent and more defined features. Placing this on the tops of your cheeks will give the appearance of higher more sculpted cheekbones. The colour of this highlight is very nice; however, I am not a fan once it is applied to the skin. The highlight is very sheer and leaves the sparkles too dispersed and not very natural looking. Personally, I like my highlight to be very pigmented and opaque and the sparkles in this highlight are too big and end up falling all over my face which defeats the purpose of placing the highlight in specific areas.

Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette -With Flash- Unedited-
Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette -With Flash- Unedited-

Overall, this a great compact palette. You are given 4 shades for each step you need in the highlighting and contouring process which is ideal for travelling with limited space. The formula of these powders are nice as they blend well and have a great finish on the skin; however, the lasting power isn’t as great as I hoped as well the pigmentation of the powders. I would rate this palette an 8/10 for the fact that the powders don’t last long, the pigmentation isn’t as strong as hoped, and that I probably won’t use the highlight shade. Otherwise, I would recommend this to anyone beginning to contour and highlight as the 4 shades you need are all in this one palette. IMG_4390

Since I gave the Kat Von D Shade Light palette a higher rating than the Too Faced Cocoa Contour palette, I find that the Kat Von D palette is overall a better investment. With the Kat Von D, you are getting 6 shades opposed to 4 shades with the Too Faced, as well as more pigmentation which will ultimately last you longer. Even though I find the Kat Von D palette to have higher quality powders, I would still recommend the Too Faced palette as it is slightly more affordable and the formula of the powders are still great.

Thank you for taking the time to read my reviews on both the Kat Von D Shade Light Contour palette and the Too Faced Cocoa Contour Chiseled to Perfection. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on these palettes if you have tried them yourselves. Hopefully this helped any of you looking for the perfect contour kit.

Talk to you soon! Xx


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  1. Ayesha Hafejee says:

    Thank you so much for leaving a great comment on kat von d contour pallette and for too faced.
    Im asian i have medium to olive complection. Im really confused which contour pallette to go for. I have read reviews on both.
    Let me know wht u think.




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