Music Festival/Rave Makeup Look: Mermaid Blue

Hello readers! Since we are in the midst of summer, we all know it is the season of music festivals. With many approaching this weekend, I will be showing you guys a makeup look appropriate for outdoor, humid conditions- while still maintaining a fun look. I will also be including some tips on how to keep your makeup lasting all day and night. So, if you’re interested in how I created this fun blue eye look, keep on reading!

Before I began applying any makeup, I washed and exfoliated my face. Exfoliating your face prior to applying makeup will ensure that any oils and dirt are removed, leaving you with a clean, smooth surface. This will also make your makeup last longer since it has no dirt to cling to. I then moisturize my skin with an oil-free lotion and allow that to absorb. I recommend doing this about 15 minutes before your makeup to ensure that your face is completely clean of dirt and oil.

To prime my face I used my Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer, which can be purchased at Sephora and Ulta. I find this perfect for an outdoor festival. Since you will be in humid conditions, this is a silicone based primer which will fill in your pores and prevent any oils from seeping through your makeup. Not only will it prevent your makeup from sweating off, it will also minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines. Priming your skin will also ensure that your foundation has something to hang onto, which will make it last longer. sb

For foundation, I suggest using something long wearing in order for it to last all day and night. My current favourite long wearing foundation is my Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation, available at your local Sephora. This foundation is great for those with oily skin, or if you are going to be in the heat. It is medium to full coverage and lasts around 10-12 hours which is amazing, especially for an all day event. IMG_4477-0

To conceal my under eye area as well as to highlight my face, I used my Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer in the shade “NC15”. This concealer has great coverage so a little bit really goes a long way! It also lasts all day as it is from the pro long wear line and doesn’t settle into any wrinkles or fine lines in the face. This can be purchased at your local Mac store!IMG_4478

To set my foundation I used my Rimmel Stay Matte powder in the shade “Translucent”. Since this is a very lightweight powder with no colour to it, it won’t add any coverage which will help avoid looking cakey. Setting your foundation is a key step in helping your makeup to last, as it keeps the foundation from sliding around on the face or transferring onto clothing. This can be purchased at Ulta as well as Shoppers Drugmart. IMG_4481

To highlight and contour I used the Kat Von D Shade Light palette. To set my under eye highlight I used “Lyric” which a yellow shade intended to brighten and extenuate the highlighted areas. Setting your concealer also increases its longevity just like the foundation. To contour, I used a combination of both “Shadowplay” and “Subconscious” to warm up the face and contour lightly. 11830345_10207568432667866_1008226515_n

For my eyebrows I used my Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in the shade “Soft Brown”. I like using this over a brow pencil for special occasions and events since it is a thick consistency and really clings to the hairs. I then set my brows with Mac Pro Long Wear Waterproof Brow Set in “Toasted Blonde” to hold all of my brow hairs in place.

Now that the face is complete, it’s time to move onto the eyes!

To prime my eyes I used my Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer and set it with Anastasia’s eye shadow in “Nude” to make the blending process easier. I then blended Anastasia’s “Warm Taupe” just above the crease as my transition shade. Taking a flat shader brush, I applied Coastal Scent’s eye shadow in S02 and applied that 3 quarters across the lid and along my lower lash line. I then applied Sephora’s eye shadow in “Dear Daniel” on the outer portion of the lid and into the crease to deepen it up. Taking Mac’s eye shadow in “Shroom” I applied this under the brow bone and into the inner corner as a highlight.

For liner and lashes, I used my trusty NYC Liquid Liner and winged it out. For mascara I used my L’oreal Telescopic mascara. I skipped lashes for this because personally, I find they may be too heavy to wear all day, especially when at a festival; however, if you prefer to wear them, they would go great with this look!

For my lips, I took a mixture of Milani’s “Sweet Nectar” with Mac’s “Honey Love” to create a nude peach colour. I love the way blue and peach compliment each other!                                       IMG_3775-0MC008

For finial touches, I used my Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray. I love using this when going out since it really locks in and seals your makeup, increasing its lasting power as well controlling oil. I recommend using a setting spray when going to a festival as it just adds another layer of protection, making your makeup last that much longer! s1476159-main-hero-300

That completes the look! Make sure you check out the pictures I posted below. I did add some rhinestones to my face to amp up the look. I purchased them at the craft store and just applied them with some Duo lash glue. I hope you guys enjoyed this look and that you can get some inspiration from this! Thank you for taking the time to read today, and have a safe and happy time at your music festival!

Talk to you soon! Xx


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