Dress Your Face Masterclass: Detroit 

Hello loves! As some of you may know from my social media, this past Sunday I attended the Dress Your Face masterclass taught by the amazing Tamanna Roashan in Detroit, Michigan! I thought I would write a review, basically just sharing my experience with those of you who wish to attend a future class, or for those who are just interested in what went down! I had such an amazing time and learned so much. I love seminars as they allow you to expand your knowledge, and what better learning to do than about beauty?! I always love learning new techniques because the beauty world is constantly evolving.  So, if you would like to learn more about the Dress Your Face masterclass, please keep reading.

First things first, the venue set up and decor was amazing! The seminar was held at the Westin Book Cadillac in Detroit where Tamanna’s team did a wonderful job of preparing the stage, raffle tables and seating. The seating arrangements were great; whether you were VIP or general admission, you were able to see the stage perfectly, as well as the projected screens which displayed an up close, detailed footage of the makeup application. The DJ Tamanna arranged to perform for the seminar gave a great vibe to the class and really amped everyone up (even more than we already were) his name was Surab Deb, so if you are from the Detroit area in need of a DJ, I highly recommend him (@surabdeb). Overall, I had no complaints what so ever on the stage set up, voice projection and video footage. The raffle tickets were $1.00 each and each student was gifted a complimentary ticket when purchasing their tickets which was very kind of Tamanna. The raffle prizes were absolutely amazing, even though the raffle God’s were not in my favour, I still managed to enjoy watching the amazing raffle prizes being distributed.

The sponsors were super generous with their products and gifts they included for the DYF raffle prizes as well as the gift bags. Every student was gifted a goody bag, filled with various beauty products from the amazing sponsors who we were all so appreciative to! The gift bags were sponsored by the following brands; Benefit Cosmetics, House of Lashes, Flutter Lashes, Gerard Cosmetics, Kiara Sky Nail Products, NYX Cosmetics, Mandy Rose Studio, Shadow Shields, Full Lip Enhancer, Heidid Cosmetics, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Luxie Beauty, Gold Ink, Tarte, La Girl Cosmetics and Vera Mona. Apart from the amazing sponsors, the actual gift bags themselves were adorable! They each had a printed sticker on the front with the DYF logo with hot pink tissue paper inside! Also, in our gift bags, each student was given a certificate stating that they attended the DYF workshop, which I will definitely be having framed above my vanity!

Each show Tamanna holds, she arranges for vendors to provide gourmet cupcakes for the students, and I must say I was very impressed with the not only the taste of the cupcakes, but how artistically they were decorated. There was also Starbucks tea, coffee and water provided by the hotel which was also nice to have throughout the seminar.

The seminar was scheduled from 1:00 pm-6:00 pm. Tamanna arrived to the stage and began the seminar around 1:30 pm. She began by introducing her show and just giving us students a run down of what to expect. Her model was Adam Lovie who is absolutely stunning I must say! Tamanna really interacted with us students, she stopped to ensure everyone was following and demonstrated the makeup at a really healthy pace. She answered all questions she was asked and went into great detail with her answers, ensuring everyone was confident in what they were doing. We were given enough time to jot down any notes we wanted to track, as well as complete the makeup on ourselves, (for those who chose to follow along on themselves). The table space was great as we were given enough work space to arrange our personal mirrors as well as our entire makeup kits.

Tamanna demonstrated her signature highlight and contour routine, which was complex; however, she made it very easy to follow along! Before jumping into any eye look, Tamanna asked the class which look we wanted to learn, which I thought was amazing that she included us in what criteria was being taught to us students! We all agreed that we wanted to learn her signature glitter eye with a double cut crease! Adam Lovie then walked around to every student individually, allowing them to capture a photo of the makeup. Adam was very sweet and had such a lovely personality!

 When following along with the makeup, I took my own take on the eye look, while still incorporating majority of Tamanna’s techniques! I went with a more dramatic lash than what Tamanna used. I used Flutter Lashes in “intoxicating” and Tamanna used her style lash “Tamanna”, also by Flutter Lashes.


Once the makeup was complete, we did the raffle prizes and following that was the meet and greet! I waited in line for around an hour and a half which was totally worth it! We were each allowed to take a selfie with her and have a professional picture taken on the stage. Tamanna was so sweet and so kind. I was blown away with how down to earth she was and I was honoured to be in the presence of someone so talented and successful. She kept apologizing for the fact that we had been waiting so long in line to meet her, which was very refreshing to see how appreciative and polite she was.


I would highly recommend this masterclass to anyone looking to become certified and to truly learn hands-on. Tamanna is such an amazing teacher, and truly loves her students and her passion for the art itself is portrayed through her teaching. I am so thankful that I was able to experience this and meet one of my inspirations. Tamanna genuinely inspires me to move forward in the the beauty industry and to stay dedicated to makeup artistry. Overall, this seminar is great for anyone interested in improving their makeup skills whether it is for themselves or those who are makeup artists.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review on the Dress Your Face masterclass and I also hope this helped any of you looking for some insight on the class itself who plan to attend a future seminar. If Tamanna travels to an area near you, I highly suggest you purchase ticket, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Thank you! Xx


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