My Must Have Makeup Brushes

Hello readers! Today’s post is going to be all about my favourite makeup brushes and which types of brushes I recommend for different techniques. When applying your makeup, the difference between having a flawless application and an unblended hot mess, is the quality of your brushes! With the right brushes, any products used can look as though you have used all high end makeup. I have listed below all of my favourite brushes for both the face and eyes and have gone into great detail about each one. If you are interested in diving into some of these great products, keep on reading!

 Creating That Flawless Canvas 

First things first! For the base of our makeup application, applying our foundation smoothly and evenly is key when achieving a flawless face. Personally, I prefer to have a full-coverage foundation. Apart from having a full-coverage foundation, another step in achieving this is using a dense, flat brush. This is essential as it will pack on more product in the desired area in one movement, apposed to going in multiple times with a less-dense and flimsier brush (ultimately, resulting in you using less product). For this, I have two favourite brushes, the first being the Sigma Flat Top Kabuki F80 Brush.
 This brush is one of my favourites as it is of such  great quality. It is very durable and has no shedding what so ever. In regards to the application itself, because it is so dense of a brush with a flat top, it is ideal for liquid and cream products and absorbs little to no product. Due to its build, a little bit of product will go a long way as it packs on the exact amount of product you place on your face without absorbing or removing any.As you can see in the photo below, the bristles are packed tightly together. Since this brush is considered a Kabuki, the head of the brush is fairly large, which will cover a large section of the face at once, ultimately saving you time and making the application much quicker.My second favourite foundation brush is Samantha Chapman’s Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. This brush has amazing quality and is very affordable. I find this brush to be very similar to the Sigma F80 in respects to its application, not size.
Much like the Sigma, the bristles are tightly packed, leaving a firm and dense head. Because both of these brushes are synthetic haired, they will not absorb much product; therefore, your application will provide more coverage. I have had this brush for about 2 years now, and have never had to replace it. It is very durable and has no shedding. For less than $10.00, this brush is a necessity!!

For my under eye concealer, my all time favourite brush is the Morphe G8 Tapered Powder/Blush Brush. This brush is amazing for blending out the under eye concealer as it is has synthetic hairs and it is large size. Because it is so wide, it blends out such a large area of the face in just a few quick motions which saves so much time when getting ready. The brush comes to a tapered point which is perfect for getting into the under eye and right in the inner corner. The brush head is not as small as your average concealer brush, but it also isn’t too large where it will disperse the product in unwanted areas. The brush head is the perfect fit!Since the hairs are synthetic, it also works perfectly for powders and setting the under eye! Morphe brushes are all super inexpensive and are such great quality for the price! Like the others, this brush has no shedding or damages for the time that I’ve had it (except for the writing rubbing off, but that doesn’t matter!).

The next two brushes I will be sharing are optional! These two brushes I use for blending out my cream contour. I say they are optional because cream contouring is a step a lot of people skip, unless you love dramatic makeup like yours truly. When blending out your cream contour, you tend to want to stick with a duo fibre brush as they have the best blending abilities. Because your cream contour products are placed in such specific areas of the face, you want to use a smaller brush to avoid moving the product around and defeating the purpose of contouring. My most recommended brush for cream contouring is the Sigma F55 Small Duo Fibre brush.As you can tell by the head of the brush, it is very small in size. A brush this size is perfect for getting in smaller areas of the face and sculpting out the cheek bones. Synthetic brushes are my favourite for cream products as they don’t absorb the product, they just blend the product out flawlessly, giving an airbrushed effect.
The bristles on this brush are fairly long which will provide a lighter application with respects to coverage, opposed to using something shorter haired which will provide more coverage. When cream contouring, you don’t want to add too much product or you can tend to look muddy or patchy. Using this brush will create a very natural and smooth looking contour, that will blend into the foundation and look seamless.   A cheaper alternative for this brush that I love is the Elf Studio Small Stipple Brush. This brush is duo fibre as well, the only difference is that it’s bristles are a lot shorter.I purchased this brush at the Elf Pro store in New York for only $3.00, so you honestly cannot go wrong with it! Both of these brushes can be used with liquid, cream or powder, so they are very multi purpose.

Now that all of our liquid and cream products have been applied, it is time to set everything in place! Setting all of your cream products with a powder is key when wanting your makeup to last all day. This will avoid your makeup from sliding around or wiping off of your face. I always begin by setting my under eye concealer, and to do so I like to use my Morphe M438 Pointed Contour brushThis is a real haired brush which perfect for powders. It comes to a tapered point which is perfect for setting the under eye area. The brush is very slender so it packs on just enough product to cover the under eye and is great to fit in the inner corner of the eye.

To set the contoured areas of the face I have two favourites. My first favourite is the Sigma F05 Small Contour Brush. This brush is very dense and has a rounded top which is ideal for chiseling out the cheekbones and jawline with great precision and control. Although the brush head is dense, it has fluffy hairs which aid towards blending out the powder to avoid patches of product staying in one area.
I like to go in with this brush to initially apply my contour and then I will blend it out with another brush (the one I am discussing next). I like using this brush first as I am able to get an intense and prominent contour without being too harsh.
My second favourite brush for achieving the perfect chiseled face is the Sigma F40 Large Contour Brush. This brush is amazing for contouring as its angled shape is perfect for getting into the hollows of the cheeks and creating a sculpted contour around the frame of the face. This brush differs from the previous one as its bristles aren’t as dense, which helps the blending process.
 I like to add a little more bronzer to the brush before applying it to furthermore blend out the contour. Because the bristles are so fluffy and round, it seamlessly blends out the contour previously applied, resulting in a natural and smooth looking contour. 

For blush, I always like to keep my application towards the lower half of my cheeks and above my contour. I do this because my cheeks are naturally full, so I tend to apply my blush further back to avoid drawing more attention by adding colour. To ensure I can achieve this look, I like using an angled brush as the shape allows me to control where the product goes without applying it to the areas where it’s not wanted.  My favourite angled brush for this is the Luxie Lush Large Angled Face 504 Brush  The hairs on this brush are cut perfectly to fit the contours of the face, which I love for the cheeks. Also, since the hairs of synthetic, the product you apply to the brush won’t apply to the face too heavy or pigmented.

For my favourite part of the face, making that highlight bling, my favourite brushes for applying it are fan brushes. The brush I use for this is the Sonia Kashuk No. 129 Fan Brush. I love this brush for many reasons, the first being that it is duo fibre. When applying any highlighter, illuminator or brightening powder, you never want to go too heavy or else it can tend to look chalky and unnatural. Using a duo fibre brush will ensure that the product is applied smoothly and blends as you apply.   The shape of the brush head is great too as it fans out, hence being called a fan brush. This style of brush ensures that the product is distributed evenly and not harsh on the skin. 
Smokey Eyes & Liner That Could Cut 

It’s no secret that bold brows are the most favoured part of the face, and in order to achieve fleeky brows, you need to have the best products. I like to use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade to outline my brows and give that added definition and structure. Since this is a gel/cream product, you need to use a densely packed, synthetic brush, which is why I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush #12. This brush is specifically made for the Dipbrow by Anastasia which is why I find it so perfect when sculpting and shaping your brows. The brush has a spooly on one end which is super convenient when blending out product in the brows. The angled side of the brush is great for creating the arch of the brow. It is very thin and dense which is great for getting precise strokes to mimic hairs.

When applying eyeshadow, I have a few staple brushes that will help create any desired look. First, for my all over lid brush, I have two brushes I like for this step. The first brush is the Sigma E55 Eye Shading Brush.  This brush is very soft and dense which helps to pack on shadow with minimal fall out. The brush head itself comes to a bit of a square taper which ensures that it fits generously on the eye lid, which will cover a large area in one motion. This works with mattes, shimmers and even pigments. I love this brush for sweeping shadow across the lid for the base.
My second favourite brush for this application is the Vera Mona Double Ended Brush. The larger end of this brush is very similar to the Sigma E55 which is why I love it. The only difference is that is it a duo fibre brush, so it blends out product on the lid. The brush also includes another end with a smaller brush intended for smoking out the lower lash line or applying shadow in the inner corner or brow bone. The bristles on this brush are extremely soft which is great as it won’t poke the inner corner of the eye or cause any discomfort. This brush is also vegan and cruelty free.

 When applying my transition shadow in my crease, I like to use a large fluffy brush in order to distribute more product across the eye area. I have two brushes that I go back and forth with. The first brush is the Sigma Tapered Blending E40 Brush.  The bristles on this brush are very soft and fluffy which is perfect for blending harsh lines and adding a wash of colour in the crease.My second favourite brush is the Sigma E35 Tapered Blending Brush. This brush is extremely similar to the E40, the only difference being that the brush hairs are a slightly longer. This will provide more of an airbrushed finish to the eyes and create a seamless wash of colour when applied in windshield wiper motions.

When adding definition into the crease I like using a more dense and tapered brush to pack on more colour in a controlled and precise movement. I also have two favourites for this, the first being the Sigma Blending E25 Brush. This brush is slightly firm/dense with very soft hairs and is wide and slightly flat. The bristles come to a rounded top which create a great shape to fit right in the crease of the eye and pack on a dense amount of shadow or even create a cut crease.    My second favourite brush is the Sigma Small Tapered E45 Brush. I love this brush for adding definition to the crease as it has a very tapered point which fits perfectly into the crease, creating that effortless stroke of colour while blending out the edges. This is also my favourite brush for contouring my nose!

When smoking out the lower lash line, the best brush to use is a pencil brush since it is so small and firm. My favourite pencil brush is the Sigma E30 Pencil brush. The tapered point on the brush is great for smudging out shadow or liner on the lower lash line or for getting into smaller areas of the eye for detailed work such as the inner corner or the brow bone.

When I’m not using liquid liner, my favourite gel liner is the inglot black gel liner in #77. My favourite brush to apply this with is the Mac 210 Precise Eye Liner. This brush is the perfect size for creating a crisp clean cat eye. Its extra fine tip is great for flicking out your liner as well as creating any graphic designs. 

 And this completes all of my must have brushes! I apologize for the lengthy post; however, I hope this helped some of you who are beginning to purchase a set of brushes or for those of you looking to add to their collection. Thank you for taking the time to read today and please share and like if you enjoyed and also feel free to comment your favourite brushes down below!

Talk to you soon, Xo!


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