Vancouver Fashion Week 2017

This month I took a short but influential trip to Vancouver, BC for this year’s Vancouver Fashion Week. Although I am currently preparing to write this term’s final exams, I am writing this post to reflect on the amazing experience that was VFW 2017. This was such an incredible opportunity for myself as I not only was able to attend various runway shows; however, I was invited to work backstage as a pro makeup artist. Despite being exhausted from my five hour connecting flight and full day of exploring the retail realm of Vancouver, being given the chance to utilize my artistry skills through VFW is something one cannot put a price on.


Opportunities such as this make me so blessed and thankful to have chosen to pursue a career in the beauty & artistry industry. Below I have inserted some images from backstage, behind-the-scenes, and from the runway itself. Hopefully the images captured portray half the amount of inspiration that I gained while working at VFW.

That being said, if you would like to indulge in some memories from my recent trip to Vancouver, please keep reading!

Day 1

I began my afternoon by enjoying some brunch at my hotel before heading to work for the day.

Upon arriving to the studio, I set up all of my personal tools (brushes, cosmetic sanitary products, brush cleaner…etc). Us makeup artists at VFW were fortunate enough to have all cosmetics provided by the makeup sponsor, Ana V Beauty.

After having worked on several models throughout the day, I was given the opportunity to assist makeup educator and owner of AV Beauty, Ana V at her blush bar stationed right above the runway. I worked alongside Ana and a few other artists while we performed contour and lip touch-ups for the guests prior to the show.enlight1-7

Day 2

Prior to heading to work for day 2, I ate breakfast at my hotel before taking off for the rest of the day!
Day 2 of being backstage was extremely hectic, but nonetheless, very rewarding! I was unable to take pictures backstage as I was working non-stop. Below are photos from the runway of the models who I worked on. All photos were taken by the extremely talented, Dale Rollings. 

Day 3

My last night in the lovely city of Vancouver was designated to minimal exploring, shopping and finished with the delight of attending a fashion show put on by VFW.

The show we attended was nothing short of what I expected-absolutely fabulous. Working backstage and experiencing the effort and patience that goes into producing a week of runway entertainment allowed myself to view the show from a different perspective. I left this show feeling nothing but inspired and motivated to achieve happiness in my future. img_4016

My final dinner in Vancouver before heading back home

Thank you for taking the time to read today, and a huge thank you goes to VFW for allowing me this amazing opportunity. Another thank you goes to my amazing mom who was my travel partner on this trip. I hope you enjoyed this post!

Talk to you soon! Xx


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  1. tbymallano says:

    Beautiful pictures my darling, you are truly stunning!
    Happy Friday and lets follow each other.
    Love from


    1. Thank you love! Of course Xx


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  3. It looks like you had an amazing time in Vancouver:) That’s where I’m from, so I’m happy you enjoyed it!


    1. Thank you! I’m so jealous you lived there, it’s so amazing, I can’t wait to go back!!

      Liked by 1 person

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