Met Gala 2018 Red Carpet

The Met Gala—further known as the most fashionable evening of the year—transpired last night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in, New York City. While it is inevitable that the anticipated theme of the gala will have everyone in awe—this year’s theme of fashion-forward Catholicism is one to remember. The evening imparted a platform for celebs to exhibit their most innovative ecclesiastical ensembles through hair, makeup, wardrobe, and intricate headpieces.

Here’s a look at my most favored looks surrounding the motif of this godly gala.

08met-gala2.jpgJlo’s gown was both remarkable and on-point! The intricate detail of her look was nothing but brilliant as she projected the holy theme of the evening while still remaining red-carpet-relevant. hbz-met-gala-priyanka-chopra1-1525738432 (1).jpgCan you name a more elegant woman than, Priyanka Chopra?…I’ll wait. If it wasn’t for this timeless wine toned, velvet gown that spoke to the significance of the theme, it was her gold, beaded hood that emerged her on the red carpet. Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Met-Gala-Dress-2018.jpgSJP took the theme of the gala and ran with it! She looked absolutely stunning as she walked the red carpet in what truly looked like a piece of art.  Syme-Met-Gala-Rihanna.jpgRihanna—who never fails to fully commit to the theme of the Met Gala—truly channeled ‘Heavenly Bodies’ from her headpiece all the way to her Pope-inspired crystal jacket. Needless to say, she did that.Syme-Met-Gala-Chadwick-Boseman.jpg While menswear is oftentimes triumphed by the striking red carpet gowns, I was charmed by Chadwick Boseman’s look. His white suit paired with a draped jacket and gold detail was no exception to ‘Fashion and the Catholic Imagination’.
blake-lively-met-gala-2018-12_thumbnail.jpgBlake Lively was lively at last night’s gala. I can assure you that I was not the only person whose jaw dropped after seeing her emerge so gracefully onto the red carpet. Apart from her makeup, headpiece, and gown being undoubtedly definite to the theme, this Versace ensemble was so flattering on her and will undeniably go down in Met Gala history. 5af0e2fdf0d86.image.jpgMindy Kaling—or should I say, Queen Mindy—arrived in a silver flowy gown that she paired with evening gloves and a magnificent blue diamond crown. This look was outstanding as it not only pursued the theme of the evening, however, it illustrated feudal and royal visuals which was really unique to see at the event.  sza-met-gala-2018-5_thumbnailSZA arrived at the gala looking like the fairy godmother I yearned for my entire childhood. From her dazzling gold halo to her airy layered gown, her look was absolutely angelic from head-to-toe.


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